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Contract Law.

Lubliner Law Firm / Contract Law

If you’re looking for a contract law attorney in Tampa Bay, Florida, Lubliner Law Firm can assist you with your needs.

Contract Law

A contract or an agreement in some jurisdictions, is a voluntary agreement between to parties, entered into to create intentions and obligations that are enforceable in a court of law, often under State and Federal authority.

Business Contracts

Nearly all Florida businesses deal with contracts and finding a Tampa Florida contract attorney that you can trust to protect your assets is crucial for most.  How your business handles your contracts can often times make or break a business. If you’re in need of an experienced contract lawyer in the Tampa Bay area, please contact us at the Lubliner Law Firm.

Lubliner Law Firm Can Assist You With the Preparation, Review, Negotiation and Litigation in the following areas of contract law in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, Pasco, Polk, Manatee and Sarasota and Marion County.

Employment Contract Law

Real Estate Contract Law

Why Should You Utilize a Contract Law Attorney to Write Your Contracts?

Writing contracts may seem easy but in truth it requires a complete understanding of the law as well as an ability to represent not just our client, but to make all parties feel protected. This is also true with contract negotiations. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are protected, should the contract be put to the test in a court of law.

Can Lubliner Law Firm Review Contracts?

Many of our clients come to us having been approached with a contract that another party wants signed. Contracts such as Non Compete Clauses or agreements, business contracts or independent contractor agreements may seem straightforward, but rarely are they uncomplicated. The truth is, is that you shouldn’t wait until there is a dispute to feel confident that you have entered into a solid contract. We are happy to review your contracts with you, and make our recommendations in your best interest.

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