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Environmental Law.

Lubliner Law Firm / Environmental Law

Environmental Law Attorney, Tampa Bay

Environmental law touches more and more areas of our lives and businesses, and the Lubliner Law Firm has the necessary expertise within our practice areas to represent our clients in this complex field. We provide counsel on compliance with the environmental regulatory framework of both state and federal enforcement agencies, provides the legal expertise for environmental permitting activities, and litigation support for clients involved in disputes with regulators or neighboring property owners.

Experienced Environmental Law Attorney in Tampa Helping Clients Who Face Regulatory Challenges.

One of the biggest challenges in running some businesses is compliance with the regulations governing environmental issues. We help our clients to meet that challenge through presenting clear, simplified approaches to making certain that business operations comply with the myriad of environmental regulations. Such counsel helps to prevent the expense of responding to enforcement actions, even for those violations which may be minor in nature and their potential for harm to the environment small, but which still add cost to business activities and subtract from the bottom line. When environmental litigation is unavoidable, we provide litigation support by experienced lawyers with the background needed to handle environmental matters.

Our practice areas include:

  • Environmental Compliance Issues
  • Environmental Litigation
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Environmental Regulatory Agency Representation
  • Whistleblower Litigation

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection website provides information on regulatory processes and procedures. If you need information about OSHA, please visit their website.  If you need a Tampa Environmental lawyer, please contact the Lubliner Law Firm at (813) 381-5670 or email us for information.


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