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Foreclosure Defense Tampa Bay.

Tampa Foreclosure Notices


Tampa Bay and Florida has seen more than it’s fair share of foreclosures.  Homeowners who are facing foreclosures may need to find a foreclosure defense attorney who practices in the Tampa Bay area  to represent them in a court of law.  If you need immediate assistance with a foreclosure matter, please contact Denise Lubliner at our Tampa, Florida law firm as soon as possible.  Just like any legal matter or lawsuit against you, foreclosure lawsuits are time sensitive and may require that you respond to the lawsuit aggressively, in a timely manner and properly. If you are concerned that you have been given improper notice by your lender and you are facing foreclosure on your home or commercial property, please read the information below.

foreclosure attorney tampa florida

Real Estate Foreclosure and Adequate Notices

By law a mortgage lender must provide adequate notice of intent to foreclose on a Florida home or property. A statement that notice was provided to the home or property owner is simply not good enough as we have seen many foreclosure cases being reversed by the Courts. Read More About Tampa Bay Foreclosures and Adequate Notice…

Foreclosure Notices and Right to Cure

It’s your right to be provided with adequate notice that includes a right to cure when facing foreclosure. As a foreclosure attorney in Tampa Bay, it is my job to ensure that you have been provided with or have provided the proper notification in foreclosure lawsuits. Read more about foreclosure notices and the right to cure ….

If you need a foreclosure defense or real estate lawyer who practices real estate law in the Tampa Bay area, Denise Lubliner at Lubliner Law Firm can assist you with your legal needs. As a seasoned attorney in Tampa, Denise represents her clients using her knowledge of real estate law in Florida. Aggressive, knowledgeable and able to handle all aspects of real estate law, Denise Lubliner has what it takes. From foreclosures to real estate development and land use, Lubliner Law firm in Tampa, Florida represents clients who have a wide range of real estate legal needs.

To speak with us directly or for more information about foreclosure defense in Tampa Bay, call Tampa Lawyer, Denise Lubliner at Lubliner Law Firm today at (813) 381-5670.

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