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HOA Attorney Tampa Bay.

HOA Attorney, Denise P. Lubliner, Tampa, Florida

In Florida many communities are governed by a Home Owner’s Association. When an HOA is formed in Florida, there are many legal documents that must be drafted and plans must be put in place for compliance with Florida Law regarding HOA’s and Condo Associations. Home Owner Associations are legally bound by the bylaws and it is therefore important that they hire an experienced Tampa Bay HOA Attorney to provide legal support and assistance.

  • The Lubliner Law Firm can help HOA’s with the following:
  • Drafting Bylaws
  • HOA Covenants
  • Conditions and Restrictions
  • Enforcements and Litigations
  • Collection of Fees and Assessments

HOA Litigation Attorney, Tampa Bay

If you are looking for an experienced HOA Attorney to assist you with collecting outstanding fees or assessments from owners or if you need legal representation in a lawsuit against your Home Owner’s Association, please call Denise P. Lubliner at The Lubliner Law Firm, Tampa, Florida.

Review of Current Practices and Administration

It may be necessary to review your current HOA, Condo Association or Co-Op administrative practices with a Tampa Bay Real Estate Attorney  to ensure that you will be in compliance with the new laws beginning 7/2015. The HB791 bill is extensive and it is highly recommended that your association reviews current practices for compliance. These new laws apply to:

  • Condo associations
  • Home owner associations
  • Cooperatives
  • Bulk purchasers
  • Owner’s rights

Revisions of the current statutes is extensive. The revised s. 718.113 will include requirements for board of administration and unit owner meetings; clarifying the voting process for providing reserves and other requirements. New language is proposed to clarify the electronic voting process of owners and voting interests of unit owners. There are also revisions as to what constitutes official records of an home owner association. Other changes will be in the clarification of the voting process for providing reserves; amending s. 718.113 revising powers of the board. Please click here for more information on the current changes.

HOA Disputes

If you have had a problem with your Home Owner’s Association, Condo Association or Co-Op in Tampa Bay and require legal representation or advice about how to handle infractions by the board or administration, please call The Lubliner Law Firm in Tampa for a free initial consultation. HOA’s, Condo Associations and Co-Ops are governed under Florida Statutes. These laws are very complex and often times the HOA’s do not abide by the laws that are put in place to protect you. Denise P. Lubliner is experienced in Florida HOA and Condo law and would be happy to discuss your options with you. Click here to contact us online or call us today at (813) 381-5670 for a consultation.

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