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Small Business Counsel in Tampa Florida.

Lubliner Law Firm / Small Business Counsel in Tampa Florida

General Business Counsel – Serving Greater Tampa Bay, Florida

The Lubiner Law Firm believes every business and entrepreneur needs a general business lawyer or more specifically, general business counsel, to partner with. It’s crucial that your business starts out and remains compliant and protected against the many situations that can put you at risk. The Lubliner Law firm also strives to assist you in expanding and thriving your business through our legal and advisory services.

We are dedicated to providing Tampa Bay start-ups and existing companies with the legal support and services you deserve. Being a part of your team as a general business counsel lawyer frees management and owners up to concentrate on what you do best. Minimizing common operating distractions, especially when your company is at the beginning stages of development is crucial to your success and can be achieved by hiring a Tampa general business counsel attorney.

What is a General Business Counsel Attorney ?

General Business Counsel Services – In short, our general business counsel attorney in Tampa, Florida works with you, much like an in house counsel attorney would, offering general business counsel, advisory and legal services and representation. We learn about your business, your goals and strive to help you to achieve those goals by minimizing risk and specific legal challenges associated with operating a business.

Cost of Hiring a General Business Counsel

Many small businesses often times save money by hiring a general business counsel lawyer instead of hiring a Tampa small business attorney every time the need arises. This type of relationship with a Tampa business law firm can be highly beneficial. Once we are a part of your team, we strive to protect your best interests by providing you with access to a variety of legal services, anytime you need them, often times at a reduced or fixed rate.

Forming a Business Entity
Forming a business entity is one of the very first steps you will take when starting a new venture. From a legal standpoint, this can be one of the most important steps you’ll take. Choosing the wrong entity can have negative Gemeral business counsel attorney Tampa , St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasotaramifications for your business. The Lubliner Law firm will help you choose the correct business entity then process the paperwork for you to ensure you’re business is off to a great start.

Shareholder Agreements
Preparing the proper documents and agreements are the best way to avoid conflict or stress should situations change with your founders. Operating agreements spell out who will control your business in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Knowing that these documents and agreements are solid provides peace of mind and protection, but these documents are also often required if you are seeking financing or other types of loans.

Contract Review, Drafting & Negotiation
Contractual agreements are a major part of operating a small business. Depending on the type of business, you may utilize employee contracts , employee separation agreements or non-compete agreements more than others. Sure, you can take your chance on downloading free contracts for general use, or you may take your chances on drawing these contracts up on your own. Unfortunately, this leaves your business vulnerable to lawsuits if your contracts aren’t written to the letter of the law.  It’s crucial to ensure your contracts are iron-clad. When you hire The Lubliner Law Firm as your general business counsel attorney, we’ll prepare and negotiate contracts with your best interest at the forefront.

Florida Labor & Employment Law
For most small businesses and entrepreneurs, there is nothing more “taxing” than managing payroll and labor and compliance matters. The Lubliner Law Firm are seasoned labor and employment lawyers. When you hire us as your general business counsel attorney, you’ll have access to comprehensive labor and employment legal services for your business.

Additional Small Business General Counsel Services

From drafting and reviewing contracts, assisting you with banking and finance matters and outsourcing services to protecting your intellectual property or developing employee handbooks, The Lubliner Law Firm is here to be a part of your team through our small business general counsel services. Each business is unique so please contact our law firm today for a free consultation and a quote for general counsel services for your Tampa Bay business.

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