Updating Employee Handbooks and Policies in 2016

Be a Tampa Bay Employer Who is 2016 “Compliant”

If you’re a Tampa Bay employer wondering if your current employee handbook or company policies need to be updated for 2016, the answer for many is likely going to be “yes.” If you can’t really remember when you last reviewed your employee handbook for required updates or reviewed your current labor and employment policies to make sure if they are in compliance with State and Federal employment laws, then you are likely past due.  If you haven’t yet scheduled time to train your managers so they can implement your company policies, then it’s wise to start out 2016 with manager training and updates. This can be a crucial part of avoiding potential labor and employment lawsuits. Finally, mandatory staff meetings should be held once all of your handbooks, policies, procedures and personnel files are in order.  Going into 2016 compliant with State and Federal Employment Laws can help you concentrate on more pressing issues, like increasing your revenue.

How Often Should Employee Handbooks Be Reviewed and Updated?

Corporations need to be overly diligent when it comes to human resource matters, particularly those areas that fall under State and Federal law. There are many things that can be overlooked, even by the most detail oriented human resource manager. It pays to double check every six months to ensure compliance.

For instance, it’s extremely important that personnel records are kept properly and that all signatures, forms and acknowledgements are in tact. You may have been diligent in obtaining these things however, overtime, records can become misplaced or mismanaged. Should a problem arise testifying that you thought you had that signature on file, won’t be an effective defense. You must be sure you are in compliance.

Personnel Records

Did you know that the health and medical records of your employees should be kept according to ADA and HIPAA medical privacy laws? If you are unsure if your records are being maintained and kept properly, including an employee’s immigration information then it’s time for an audit. Tampa Employment Attorney Denise P. Lubliner will help your company achieve 100% compliance in the workplace. If however, a problem does arise, you can demonstrate that your business did due diligence in accordance with State and Federal Employment Laws. This alone can make a considerable difference should a lawsuit be brought against you.

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