Whistleblower Gets Jury Trial

A former Honda employee will now get a jury trial says The Second District Court of Appeals.  It was decided that Sean Kearns had sufficiently alleged that his employer violated a Florida statute by making false statements about its vehicles to assist purchasers in obtaining credit to purchase the vehicles. Details

Both private and public employees in Florida are protected from retaliation under the Florida Whistleblower’s Act.  Florida employees may sue for back pay, back and full benefits, lost wages, and other damages claimed in a lawsuit. It is illegal to terminate or retaliate against an employee who reports the illegal or unethical acts of an employer. Private employees wishing to claim protection under this law must meet specific criteria. If you have questions about Whistleblowing or if a lawsuit has been filed against you, please contact our office to speak with Tampa Whistleblower Retaliation Attorney, Denise P. Lubliner.