Why Buyers Hire Real Estate Attorneys – Purchase Contracts

Tampa Bay Real Estate Attorney on Sales Contracts

It’s become commonplace in Florida for people to purchase and sell Real Estate in the Tampa Bay area without the involvement of real estate brokers. It’s generally in the buyer’s best interest, however, to hire a Florida real estate attorney to draft and negotiate Florida real estate sales purchase contracts to help your real estate transactions go smoothly.

There are many reasons why you need a Tampa Bay real estate attorney to assist you. The Lubliner Law Firm can represent both those who are selling real property or buying real estate in Florida.  Listed below are just a few reasons why those who are buying real estate in Florida may choose to hire a reputable real estate attorney in Tampa Bay. Remember that although you may be able to get to your closing unrepresented by a broker using a standard Florida real estate sales contract, there are loopholes and potential problems that a skilled real estate lawyer will help you to avoid. Real Estate Attorney Tampa, St. Petersburg, Florida


Buying a home is most always a significant investment for a home buyer. Whether you are a first time homebuyer or an investor looking to protect your “real property,” using a Florida real estate attorney   can help you to avoid some common problems and is likely in your best interest. In Florida, there are specific laws regulating the sales and purchase of real estate. Tampa Real Estate attorney Denise P. Lubliner represents buyer’s and seller’s real estate transactions go smoothly.

The Lubliner Law Firm represents both buyers and sellers of real property in Florida. Below we have highlighted and list why buyers who are purchasing any type of real estate in the Greater Tampa Bay area can get the protection and expertise that is recommended in most Florida real estate transactions. Utilizing her experience and knowledge of Florida real estate laws, Denise P. Lubliner can help buyers with the following:

Purchase Agreements – Florida Real Property

There are many areas that should be scrutinized when buying real property in Florida.

To protect your investment and to protect you from legalities that may arise from an improperly drafted purchase contract, buyers should be well versed in Florida Real Estate Law as it applies to the following:

  • Review and Negotiation of Purchase Agreements
  • Address Issues and Making Sure the Wording In Your Contract Completely Protects the Buyer in Areas Such As:
  • Escrow and legalities
  • Property modifications
  • Co-Owner Legalities
  • REO Properties
  • Zoning Legalities
  • Property Inspections
  • Tax Ramifications
  • Hazardous Waste Findings
  • Closing Specifics such as Closing Costs
  • Financing Conditions/Mortgage Lenders
  • Title Search, Explanation and Review of Results
    ** Many times, a title search can result in information that would hinder a buyer’s future ability to sell the property. This is just one area in which buyers may not know what to look for, and are not represented by the title company or their attorneys.
Purchasing Commercial Real Estate in Florida and the Hiring of a Skilled Tampa Bay Real Estate Attorney

The Lubliner Law Firm can help investors of commercial properties in the Greater Tampa Bay area. If you are purchasing commercial property, there are specific things that apply to the purchase of warehouses, shopping plazas or strip malls and other commercial investment property. If you require the assistance of a Tampa Real Estate Attorney who is experienced in Florida commercial real estate transactions, call the Lubliner Law Firm or request a free consultation online.

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